Cooperation Agreements



WAPMERR is a part of the risk assessment group which has been formed during the IOC meeting in Hyderabad to develop risk assessment methods and to test them in four regional case studies.

A cooperation agreement with UNESCO was signed (2006) on mutual cooperation and consultation, exchange of information and documents, joint action and technical cooperation in the areas of risk mapping in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, as well as potentially in other countries.
WAPMERR, as a part of the joint project with the Novosibirsk Tsunami Laboratory, sponsored The International Tsunami Expedition in Southern Madagascar arranged on August 29 September 13, 2006 , which aimed at studying the chevrons detected earlier this year by Google Earth imagery.
  In a memo of understanding, the Swiss Seismological Service and WAPMERR agreed to develop a new, open source loss estimating tool that is compatible with SHAKEMAP software.  

A cooperation agreement with Seismic Monitoring Centre of Georgia, M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics (Tbilisi) on the mutual interest and joint actions in the areas of losses estimation after any earthquake in the region, loss scenarios calculation for likely future large earthquakes, information exchange and Seismic Monitoring Center establishment in Tbilisi, Georgia.