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Getting First Mortgage

Let us help you make buying your first home and getting first mortgage an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

We will walk you though all the ins and outs of the mortgages that suit your needs and together we will select the best option.

We will also assist you on how to gather your paperwork and the required documents to satisfy the lender’s requirements so you are prepared and ready for the closing date.

You will feel comfortable that you made a great decision from someone you can trust.

Once you review the various programs and select the one that best fits your position call us at 780.982.5181 for your Free 20 Minute Analysis.

This program is where the bank gives you the 5% that is required to purchase your home. The Bank is able to recoup the 5% down payment through the interest gained in the first 5 year term of the mortgage. You must have good job stability, a strong credit score, and the ability to make future payments.

Cash Back

This product is perfect if you have enough for the down payment but want to save money to buy furniture or perhaps make some initial renovations to the home. You will receive up to 5.5% of the mortgage amount as cash back to freely make purchases.

Flex Down Borrowed

This product suits you if you are having difficulty coming up with the 5% required to purchase a home but still want the strongest rates possible. This product allows you to borrow the down payment from outside of your own personal resources. This means you borrow from a line of credit to use as a down payment. You will receive the financial institution’s best rate and not the posted rate which is generally higher. However, the lender must see that you have enough income to cover the new debt that the loan will bring as well as your monthly mortgage payment.

Using RRSP for Down Payment

The Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) is a program that allows first time home buyers to withdraw funds from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSPs) to buy or build a qualifying home for yourself or for a related person with a disability. You can have a one time withdrawl up to $25,000.

Your RRSP contributions must remain in the RRSP for at least 90 days before you can withdraw them under the HBP, or they may not be deductible for any year.

Generally, you have to repay all withdrawals to your RRSPs within a period of no more than 15 years. You will have to repay an amount to your RRSPs each year until your HBP balance is zero. If you do not repay the amount due for a year, it will have to be included in your income for that year.

If you have moved to Canada in the last three years you may experience the challenges to getting a mortgage. Part of the reason is some financial institutions struggle with programs for “New to Canada” residents because it is often hard to prove your credit and job history. However, we have available programs in place that can help you succeed with getting a mortgage.

These programs allow you to use an international credit bureau or alternate sources of credit history. This may include as little as 12 months confirmed rent payments and a bill payment with no late payments or 12 months of two bill payments (car insurance, utilities, childcare) with no late payments. This allows someone who has done all the right things but is just new to Canada to get the mortgage they deserve.

California Mortgage Refinance

California mortgage refinance is available for all residents of California to save them from a sudden financial crisis or from a deep impact on their personal economic condition. California is a state where the per capita income is quite high. This has defined the mortgage market features of the state. The lenders here consider the probabilities of the jumbo mortgage loans easily. The application and sanction rate of mortgage loans for this state is generally higher than the other American states.

With the recent mortgage market turmoil, the condition has been changed largely. The rate of application for California mortgage refinance loans has increased manifold. This has defined a new perspective and reshaped the features of the refinance loans in California.

California mortgage refinance loan now needs a thorough credit check for approval. In this background the qualification for a borrower to get a mortgage refinance loan in California has become more distinct. To get a California mortgage refinance loan, you need to – – Have a strong credit history. A credit history or credit record means the documents proving your regular payments of all the bills, debts and loans previously owned. If there any faults detected by your lender, then you are at a risk to get a sanction for the loan.

For this you need to be very careful with your previous paying habits. Pay all your bills in time and be regular with your debts or loan payments.- Have a good and stable income rate. The lender generally checks whether you are capable to pay off your California mortgage refinance loan in time. For this you need to show a proof of regular salary slips or bank account record. For businesspersons or other freelance professionals this can be a little more difficult. However, if you can prove a high income rate, then it depends on your lender how they will negotiate their terms.- Have a good reference. This is another point that must have a strong influence on the lenders. If you have a good reference, your lender will easily trust you on your future payment mode. From only a strong mutual trust your California mortgage refinance can be turned as a successful deal.

If you can satisfy all these qualifications, you can easily get a California mortgage refinance loan. However, you also need to be sensible and judicious in choosing your lender. As you need to qualify certain criteria, they also need to satisfy your demands and needs. To choose a California mortgage refinance lender, first of all you need to study the market condition very carefully and make your own knowledge base for mortgage refinance loans in California. In addition, you may ask the lenders for mortgage refinance quotes.

By judging a quote, you can understand your profit and the quality of the lender. You may also search online for your basic ideas and information. There are various mortgage lenders who will offer you free advice. Also, seek counseling from reputed well-known mortgage lenders’ associations. Do not forget to understand you own need and demand to find out the most suitable mortgage lender. And last but not the least, be careful with predatory lenders. To avoid this, try to choose a reputed, well-referred California mortgage refinance lender.

Get the Correct Commercial Loan Lender

There are chances in your life where the real property is mortgaged for money. The issues in the life may force to mortgage the commercial property for some purposes. The availability of commercial mortgage loans makes an individual like you to feel better at that time because they can solve the problem of money issues.

However, you must know the risks involved in mortgaging the property so that in future lots of problems are averted. The rate of interest, repayment amount, duration of loan period, hidden feature while securing the loan and lender profile in case of private agencies are known to the borrower. Only knowing these features in depth it is good to sign the bond for the loan. Get an amount that is comfortable for you to repay in the future instead of legal actions if not repaid.

There are many reasons for obtaining commercial mortgage loans for a person like you. The major would be developing the property in various ways, and investing in other properties for expansion. You should carefully analyze the possibilities of availing loan and its consequences in future. Only avail loan if you are confident about the objective of getting loan amount because you are going to mortgage your property as collateral. Hence, intensive care is needed before signing the agreement with the lender to avert major mishaps in the future.

Try to apply your loan request at a genuine lender to enjoy a lot of benefits. Get the information about the loan providers in your area to compare the terms and conditions. There are many lenders who provide commercial mortgage loans in an exemplary way to the borrowers. They offer good interest rate, feature of capital repayment holidays, and reduction of interest rate due to some schemes. So, grab the offers of these loan givers without fail and enjoy hassle free commercial mortgage loans in your life.

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage

The interest rates for mortgages are at an all time low, and are looking like staying there. Should you refinance your mortgage at this lower rate, even though you refinanced not too long ago? The rates were low then too, but now the rate is even more attractive. In fact, mortgage rates are the lowest they’ve been in 50 years. It is quite tempting to refinance and save on the interest.  A good rule of thumb is that you should stay in your home for at least two or three years before refinancing, which gives you time to earn back the refinancing costs.

Some adjustable rate mortgages are attractive to homeowners because they carry less interest for a number of years than a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. On the other hand, if you have an adjustable rate mortgage, refinancing to a low 30 year fixed rate is an excellent idea. That’s because an adjustable rate mortgage can take you by surprise if, for example, you ever lose your job. When the adjustable rate mortgage kicks in, your mortgage payments will skyrocket, and squeeze you financially just when you need it least. Should you refinance is not a decision to make lightly. The current mortgage crisis came about because so many people refinanced their mortgage and took out the equity in their homes to use for other expenses.

That caused the current mortgage crisis of so many homes being underwater, or worth less than the mortgaged amount. That is why you must think carefully about whether should you refinance your mortgage or not.

The chances are you should NOT refinance again if you have already done so recently. Even though the average homeowner refinances their mortgage every four years, when you factor in the closing costs for the newly refinanced mortgage you may actually be losing money if you aren’t able to reduce your interest rate considerably, making refinancing a very poor decision.

Every time you refinance your mortgage, you must determine what the closing costs would be and whether it makes economic sense to refinance. The costs of a refinancing can bring your mortgage payments well over what you are currently paying. Don’t forget to factor in the taxes and other costs of the new loan. Refinancing doesn’t come without a price: closing costs will eat into your savings at first, so the longer you plan to stay in your home, the more you’ll benefit.

Important Points: Should you refinance depends entirely on whether you comparison shop the interest rates of various lenders. Make sure the lender isn’t taking advantage of low interest rates by suddenly raising their closing costs.

Never work with cold telephone callers. A better idea is to ask the bank that currently holds your mortgage what their closing costs are. They may give you a good price just to keep your business.

Also, avoid paying points when you refinance, which is where you pay a slightly higher interest rate instead of paying other loan fees, as you usually won’t get a good deal.

Don’t wait for interest rates to hit their lowest point. If you do your research thoroughly, and the numbers make sense for you, go for it!

Should you refinance your mortgage? Follow some of this refinancing advice and you will be able to answer this question and make wise financial decisions for your future.

Refinance Your Florida Home Mortgage Loan

You can use the money you save on your mortgage for virtually whatever you want. Perhaps you need money to start a small home business or want to take time off from work to raise your children. Refinancing your home is a good option as to not disrupt your finances and gain cash flow in the process. You can determine the amount you might be able to borrow by how much equity you have in your home and how much it is worth. This will determine how much your lender will loan you.

Florida refinance mortgage loans & home improvement loans

Maybe you have poor credit and your credit cards are maxed out. Home refinancing can still be for you. The money you save each month can be put toward your high interest rate credit cards. Which in the long run will save you money. Not to mention the money you will save on your mortgage interest rate as well. This is a good choice for those struggling. Especially if you are dedicated to repairing your credit. Refinancing your home can actually help you repair your credit. If you have been paying your mortgage on time you should have no problem getting a refinanced home loan.
If needs, you can try loan calculator for best chances.

Refinance mortgage rate & home equity loan refinance

You might also be eligible to obtain a cash out loan. Especially if the value of your house has increased since you purchased it. This type of  loan allows you to borrow on the previously paid principle of your existing home loan. This is a great option for you to free up even more cash each  month and save money on your current mortgage interest rate. Borrowing money couldn’t be easier and obtaining a refinancing a traditional mortgage home loan is easier than ever.

Florida refinance house – Florida home loan mortgage benefits

You can obtain a repayment plan to suit your own personal needs. Even if you plan to pay off your mortgage early with the refinanced loan it is still possible to do so.

Find the best Florida refinance home mortgage loan rates

Refinancing your home is a great option to free up money you might need for many things such as home repairs and other necessities. This is a nice option to traditional personal loans because you will be building equity in your home while repaying the loan all at the same time.

Be sure to educate yourself on what types of loans are available. Also be sure to consult with several lenders and shop around for the best rates. This will help you get the best rate out there.